About Us

About the Admission and Registration Department

Admission and Registration Division is a service of executive decisions and regulations that serve and went and guide the students. It is a source of accurate data base of faculty members and other administrative departments, including academic, it is the first door that enters the student and the last station that comes out of them, where they are granted Career and the degree to which it’s worth.

The philosophy department in dealing with the students in accordance with the principles and criteria clear pop of commitment to the university laws being is crucial, as the student is a learning process axis, it must be that the student knows that the administrative and academic all cadres are present for his service so that it works on touch their problems and work to resolve them and remedied as soon as possible in accordance with the directives of the university president.

Our vision:

Represented in keenness on boosting the reputation of the university by offering a unique service and deal transparently with all of the students and auditors, which contributes to a positive image of the university and its divisions.

Our mission:

Accuracy of the work and the speed of achievement efficiently and effectively.
Find a positive and effective communication environment.
Find mutual respect and appreciation with both faculty and students and reviewers environment.

The most prominent tasks:

Acceptance of new students and Almjsrin and transferred according to the principles and instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Open and organize records of admitted students to save all documents.
Complete enrollment procedures at the beginning of each semester.
Issuance of transcripts and certificates of graduates, and documents related to students with high accuracy.
Providing students with various documents they need, such as: statements of marks, certificates and Almsedkat and others.
Preparation of various statistics and data and submit them to the decision makers at the university.
Preparation school timetable, and follow-up and audit study plans, and make adjustments duly.
Preparation for the graduation ceremony in coordination with the departments concerned.
Overseeing the implementation of instructions to grant bachelor’s and master’s diploma and university degrees.