It is my pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome as the Director of the Arab Open University/ Jordan

Since it is establishment in the year of 2002, Arab Open University sets high standards to be one of the very first universities that adapt blended learning not only in Jordan, but also in the Arab World as well. The concept of blended learning has often been misunderstood. The blended learning concept has nothing to do with open learning or correspondence education. In fact, blended learning contains a mixture of both traditional classroom; face-to-face lecturing  and modern technologies of e-learning that maintain direct and constant contacts via all technological methods available.

The University is accredited locally and internationally. It provides rigorous programs which are licensed from Arab Open University/Jordan and the Open University – UK and are taught in English. A joint degree from both Arab Open University and The Open University – UK is awarded to the students of some majors upon graduation.

The University aims at providing a chance of education for all segments of the society, especially those, who did not get the opportunity to pursue their education, due to social and economic factors; such as housewives, students with special needs and employed personnel. Therefore, Arab Open University provides students with flexible study schedules and minimum tuitions and fees that meet their needs.

The University is committed towards civic engagement and social responsibility as it provides extracurricular events and activities that enable students to engage with their community and acquire them with needed life skills. Furthermore, Arab Open University seeks to contribute effectively and efficiently to continuous and comprehensive Arab development as well.

I hope that students, who are already registered at the University and future students, would find their stay at the University both rewarding academically and entertaining socially. I invite fresh graduates, employed personnel and housewives to join the University with a view to sampling a new experience of education and a different methodology of instruction that is worthwhile and thoroughly enriching.


An Open System of Education